TrackVia mobile updates for iOS8


The wait is finally over! The TrackVia mobile update for iOS8 is now live in the App Store. Here are a few highlights of what’s new:

TrackVia mobile iOS8 updates…

The TrackVia mobile app for iOS8 now supports the new phone sizes and numerous other updates for increased reliability.


Save and edit workflow
Now you have two choices when Adding a New Record. You can choose to SAVE and stay on the record. OR you can SAVE AND ADD NEW to go to a fresh record. This workflow enables you to
quickly add a new Master record and start adding related records for it. Clear button enables you to quickly get to a Fresh State to Add a New Record as well.

Tap to call
Now the app detects Phone Numbers in Grid View and allows you to initiate a Phone Call from the Grid View.


Tap to view
Now the grid is more responsive to your taps on actionable cells so previewing large images, and initiating other actions (email, launch website, etc.) is easier than ever.

Notable fixes
When adding a related child record to a master/parent record, the Add form will show the correct value for the master record.
When paginating related child records, the view will load the correct number of records.
Images will load faster and more reliably.
Currency field now allows entering negative amounts.


The TrackVia mobile app is available for subscribers of our Express, Pro and Enterprise plans, and who use iPhone and iPad. Download the updated TrackVia mobile app for iOS8 in the App Store. As always, we love to hear your feedback! Leave a comment for me below, or tweet us @trackvia.