TrackVia Forms are New and Improved!


If you’ve spent any time in TrackVia, you’ll recognize that our forms are arguably one of the best parts of TrackVia as well as one of the most challenging. Since the launch of our form builder we’ve been thinking about ways to improve it, to make it easier to use and more versatile. After hearing from many of you about how you wanted to build TrackVia forms, we decided it would be better for all of us if we didn’t just overhaul the builder, but to make it the best experience possible. Today we are releasing an entirely new form builder that is easier than ever. We hope you like it!

TrackVia forms deep dive…

The first feature is called “sections” (if you used the old builder they were previously called “containers”) We now have two types of sections. “Field sections” are used to hold fields and widgets like text widgets, link widgets, etc. View sections are used to hold views. In this case, we refer to them as “child views”, for example, a view of tasks linked to a project. Drag these sections from the widgets list or use the “quick add” buttons on the bottom left of the screen. 


The second feature is a significant improvement to our drag-and-drop controls. Now you can simply click and drag a field from the left hand side of the screen directly into a field section on your canvas.


Clicking and dragging the lower right corner of a field will let you set the preferred width (and in the case of paragraphs, images, and calculated text you can set height as well). These can be between one and four columns wide.


You can also resize a section by grabbing the lower right corner and dragging it! Sections can be up to four columns wide.


You can add full width sections to the bottom of the canvas, or by dragging from the widgets menu we can drop them in any open space.


You are able to add a section title, description, and set your own colors.


Now what about all of your related records? For example, you can add a child view for tasks attached to projects, or sales opportunities attached to customers. Drag a view section on to the canvas to get started.


Now that you have a view section added, click the child views tab in the left column and drag them on to the section. An icon will appear telling you whether you have added a chart or a grid view. You can add as many views as you want, from charts and graphs to filtered lists and summary views.


Now that you have added all of the views that you need into your section, you can click the little edit pencil to the right of the view name dropdown on the section to change the order of the views within the section or remove them entirely.


After you have saved the position of your views you can give the section a test drive. Pull up a different view in the section using the dropdown or by toggling using the forward and backward arrows on the left and right sides of the view. This will work the same way when viewing a record in a form.


When your form is looking good, give it a name in the upper left corner and just click save. Open a record on your new creation and give it a test drive!

We have also added some other small but very helpful features that you can use while viewing or creating a record. These are the “Jump to” button and the “Add and Link On the Fly” button for any relationship field. Clicking the “Jump to” button will open a record’s parent record on a form. For example, when viewing a task I can quickly jump up to the project.  


Clicking the “Add and Link On the Fly” button will let me create a parent record that does not yet exist. For example, I am in the middle of creating a new task and then realize that a project does not yet exist, I can do this all in one step.


Just click the button, fill out the form and the task will link to the project automatically.


If you have an existing form, it will not change until you are ready to convert it to the new format. You will see a notification next time you edit the form that will help you through the process.

We really hope that you love our new forms as much as we do! As always we are here to help, feel free to give us a call, submit a support ticket, or visit for more info.