Now, get TrackVia apps ready for the prom!


You’ve created some killer apps in TrackVia, now it’s time to make them even prettier. Whether you’re a TrackVia reseller extending your brand to your customers or you just want to make your apps feel like home, take your TrackVia experience to the next level by styling your account!

Introducing: TrackVia Custom Branding!

Now you can swap in your own logo, choose a different color theme, and even create a custom URL for your users to access your account. And if you do that last one, even the sign in page will carry the same logo and colors. Poof! Your apps are ready for their closeup.

Have a look at the before and after samples below. Our designers have done their best to include a broad range of color options, but if you still need something a little different, please let us know! Add your suggestions to our feedback forum, and we’ll gladly take a look!



Have questions or comments about TrackVia custom branding? Leave a comment for me below, or tweet us @trackvia.