Creating preferred parent views in TrackVia


Here a tweak, there a tweak, everywhere its tweak week! Of course, I’m referring to some new features in TrackVia. The first tweak is a bit more advanced, you may not have run into this, but for those of you that have, we think you’ll be as excited as we are. This one is called “Preferred parent views for searching and linking records”. Great name, eh? 

Preferred parent views

Imagine this scenario. You have a parent look up field for “Customer Names” on a form. Right now, when you open the “Customer Name” field, you get a drop down with every customer name available.


Now, by setting the Preferred Parent View, you can limit the customer names in the lookup to just those that you want to see. In this case, I’ve limited the lookup to just those companies that begin with the letter “A”.


It’s very easy to set up, and super powerful. Click here for more detail on how to set this up! 

Copy forms

The next tweak we’ve added to TrackVia really needs no explanation. Next time you are saving a form that you’ve built, you’ll note a really cool little option in the save dialog. It’s called “Save As” — and yes, that’s just what it does. Save a copy of your current form as a separate form. 


There you have it. Just a few tweaks that will hopefully make your applications that much better, and your experience as an Admin that much easier.

Please keep the suggestions coming!