Wow, that was easy! Pre-built apps and more


Speed and ease of use are always top of mind here at TrackVia. I want to find what I need quickly and seamlessly, then hop over to editing this report, and then jump into building a new form for our engineering team, etc, etc. Before TrackVia 2.0 there were too many clicks to get that work done, shame on us!

Problem solved. Our TrackVia 2.0 release, coming July 12, aims to be the most user-friendly, customizable application on the planet. Whether you’re a TrackVia administrator or an occasional executive report viewer, we want to hear the words, “Wow, that was easy!” with easier navigation and pre-built apps to choose from. 

Easier navigation

As an Admin..

Create it, view it, edit it. Now. No matter where you are in TrackVia, you can quickly access any part of your App (as shown below).


As a Limited User…

Where do I find the…? How do I add a new…? The navigation bar below clears up those questions. 


Fewer clicks and fewer questions from your users mean you get things done fast. We strongly stand behind our product and want it to make your life that much easier. We are excited to bring these changes to you and look forward to your feedback.

But…it doesn’t stop at better navigation. You should be able to create a brand new app in seconds, right?

Behold, the pre-built wonder

When you choose to build a new app, you’ll have the ability to select from one of our 21 pre-built apps in the new “app marketplace”. Want an asset tracker for your IT department? How about a CRM system for your medical practice? Project tracking for a construction job? Simply choose one of these pre-built apps and it will be installed in your account in seconds. All of those pre-built apps, as with everything else in TrackVia, are totally customizable. And we won’t be stopping at 21: expect that list to keep on growing. Use the comments section below to give us your ideas for other app templates you would like to see!

Whether you’re brand new to TrackVia and want to get a kickstart on a new app or you’re a TrackVia maestro who just wants to save time rolling out a new app for a different department, our pre-built apps will show you the way.

As always, any and all feedback is welcome — we want to hear from you! Hop on over to our knowledge base to post a feature request, join a discussion, ask a question; anything. Or feel free to use the comments section below to let us know how we’re doing.

Build on!