Why You Need an Excel Alternative


If you are like me, then you have relied on Excel for a large portion of your technological life since it was first introduced. It is your go-to tool for every spreadsheet. That’s the way it has always been, so you stick with it.

What if I told you there are other options out there? What if I told you there is an option out there that is better than Excel?

My initial thought was to panic and cling to my old Excel ways with a death grip. Excel was all I knew when it came to spreadsheets and change can be difficult.

This is what brought me to TrackVia.

I don’t work for TrackVia, I merely write for them – the option I found which will cost you less, be easier to maintain, and still give you all the features you need to maintain your spreadsheet. And it is all online, accessible 24/7 by multiple users.

The truth is, Excel is far from the perfect spreadsheet software. First, it can get pretty expensive to use Excel. Buying one license is expensive enough on its own. For a business with several users, that means additional licenses which equals more money out of your pocket. Then there are the endless upgrades as new versions of the software are released over time. TrackVia has a free community version and the most basic plan for 3 users is under $100. That is a huge savings in the long run, especially for small businesses and individual users.

TrackVia spreadsheet

Version Control

Version control in any company can become a mess quickly. With a cloud based solution like TrackVia, you can control the spreadsheet version you are working with, no matter how many people need to work with it. Everyone can automatically see the correct version which can be accessed anywhere you have the internet available. This eliminates multiple versions from being circulated and ultimately eliminates any confusion over changes as individuals review the spreadsheet.

Automatic Reports

One of my favorite features of a system like TrackVia is the ability to automatically generate reports from your data. By adding filters  and then generating charts and graphs, it’s easy to slice and dice your data automatically. Then, you can save these views and group them together into larger dashboards that change as the data evolves, and can be shared with superiors or whoever needs to view them.

TrackVia dashboards

You Can’t Do This in Excel

For avid Excel users, turning to a new solution such as TrackVia may seem daunting. However, the features and accessibility of a TrackVia solution far outweigh the time it may take you to transition.

Every business uses spreadsheets in some way, generally on a daily basis. With TrackVia, you can have not only increased accessibility to the spreadsheets you need to use, you can be assured that accurate and consistent data is being utilized through TrackVia’s cloud based solution.


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