Using Data and BYOD for Success with a Custom Applications


In a recent article for Forbes, contributor David Amerland detailed how the BYOD trend and bigdata are changing the face of business. As more people climb aboard the BYOD train, business practices will likely see significant change. The web is run entirely on data, Amerland explained, and this supports the idea that organizations can find substantial value through analysis via an online database application.

“As the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Movement gains momentum, it’s providing a competitive advantage for companies that were quick to implement it,” Amerland wrote. “This increases the pressure on other companies to jump on the bandwagon, which in turn accelerates the process.” recently reported a new Microsoft study, which found that nearly 75 percent of mid to large-sized business will be launching big data projects this year. Roughly 62 percent of survey respondents indicated that developing near-real-time predictive analytics for big data is a top priority for them over the next two years. An additional 58 percent named expanding data storage infrastructure as a key area of importance.

The source cited Susan Hauser, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Enterprise and Partner Group, who maintained that new tools and database software allows businesses of all sizes to gain the practical insights from data they might not have previously thought possible. The study further revealed that 26 percent named sales as the top place for data insights to become apparent. An additional 23 percent listed finance and marketing as the functional areas wheredata insights are key.


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