Optimize your TrackVia permissions, users, and roles


TrackVia permissions, users, and roles

When you have multiple users accessing an application, you may want to limit the amount of information accessible to each user.  Roles help you manage TrackVia permissions to customize access to data in your App. Use Roles to group similar users together and limit access to certain data while delivering a custom experience within an App. The following tips can help deliver a customized workflow for users.

1.   When adding a user to your account, you can select whether that person should have Super Admin access. A Super Admin has access to everything in the account. 

When creating a Role, you can set the Role Type to either Admin or Limited.  


 A Limited user role will only have access to the dashboards, views, and forms you assign to the role. Users in the Admin role will have access to see and do everything in the app, but creating an Admin role will allow you to set default preferences for viewing data and creating new records.

2.   When assigning a dashboard to a Role, an alert symbol means that there are some elements on the dashboards that still need to be assigned to the Role.  

Once you click on the warning icon, you are asked to assign its views and forms to the Role by selecting Grant Access.  


3.   Assigning dashboards to a Role creates an intuitive workflow. The position of the dashboards determines the order in which they will appear on a user’s homepage. You can click and drag the dashboards up or down to set their position when creating the role. The first four dashboards will appear as links across a user’s homepage, and any additional will be listed under the More drop down. 


4.   To limit access to your tables, you can embed filtered views onto dashboards. A limited user will only have access to the data included in the views assigned to their role.

5.   Lastly, when assigning TrackVia permissions to views, have the option to grant limited users access to 1) Read, update, & delete records, 2) Read and make record updates, or 3) Read records only. 


Customizing TrackVia Permissions and Roles for your Users helps create a tailored workflow for the end user. They can help mitigate confusion and user error while also restrict access to confidential information all within the same app.

Thanks so much for reading! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to comment below or reach out to us on Twitter: @TrackViaSupport