TrackVia mobile app: Improved image uploads


A picture is worth a thousand words 

We love to hear that our users are using the TrackVia mobile app to upload and annotate pictures. Whether you’re doing quality management, asset tracking or just trying to show a problem, you can’t beat pictures to help you get your message across. One of the things we heard from customers with iPhones and iPads was that we weren’t doing a good job letting the user know the progress of uploads, particularly when you were uploading multiple photos at a time. So we’ve made some changes to the iOS app that we hope will help.

Background uploads in the TrackVia mobile app

Now, as soon as you’ve attached the photo to the record, the photo will begin to upload. The app will no longer wait until you’ve tapped the ‘save’ button, so if you’re adding multiple records quickly, you won’t have to wait.

You can also see the progress of the upload via the progress bar at the top of the photo, and we’ve also provided a visual cue with a spinner that also let’s you know when the photo is uploading.


Faster, more stable uploads

We also made some additional changes under the covers, the app will now use significantly less memory on your device, and uploading will be faster.

The net result? Faster, more robust photo-taking capabilities. We hope this helps, and if you have other suggestions or comments about how to make the TrackVia mobile app even better, please let us know! You can leave a comment for me below or in our customer community by clicking here