TrackVia Dashboards Get a Facelift


At TrackVia we know that many of you use dashboards to manage workflows and reports. On January 11, 2016, we are releasing a bit of a facelift to TrackVia dashboards that will allow for more customization of layouts. This is the first release in a series that will make building and using TrackVia dashboards much more efficient.

Using new TrackVia dashboards

To take advantage of the new dashboard layouts, simply hover over your existing dashboard name and a pencil will appear. Click this to put the dashboard in edit mode.


A menu will slide out and you can add views and forms to the dashboard with a single click.

Use your cursor to grab the bottom right corner of any element to resize it.


Hover anywhere else on a dashboard element to move it around.


Our new dashboards should be able to accommodate any layout you can dream up. If you have any questions about TrackVia dashboards, you can reach our Customer Success Team at