Three Powerful Apps for Small Businesses


There’s a big world of business applications that can help small business effectively utilize to organize and manage data (like our favorite, TrackVia), help with project management, expense reports, budgets, collaboration, and more. Here is a selection of three business applications that, in particular, we think can help you get your new business off the ground. These will perfectly compliment an online database to create a comprehensive starter business suite – making sure no boxes are left unchecked.

best free apps google drive
1. Google Drive

Many great things come from Google, and this app does not disappoint. With Google Drive you can port and edit files from multiple devices, including your PC, tablet, and smartphone. Google Drive is an app which builds off of Google Docs. It acts as a full cloud drive which can store any type of file online. The app comes with 5 GB of free storage space can be scaled along with your growth as a small business. You can easily buy additional space as needed. The app is accessible from all devices, will sync your files so version control is no longer an issue, and allows you to share files with co-workers without dealing with pesky attachments. Essentially this app allows you to carry all your files with you wherever you go, enabling your small business the freedom it needs to grow.

expensify best free apps

2. Expensify

Expensify is the best app for small businesses to use to manage their expenses. The app keeps track of all your expenses and mileage for you. With Expensify, you can securely scan and upload receipts, submit reports for approval, and import expenses directly from your credit card or bank account. There are amazing features with this app including auto GPS mileage tracking, auto expense and receipt sync, free mobile and Google apps, and can be integrated with Quickbooks seamlessly. In addition, expense reports can be approved and rejected through this app and any reimbursement will go directly to a checking account once approved. All expenses in one place with multiple features that require limited time and effort; this is the epitome of organization and efficiency.


3. LocalVox 

Building your brand and marketing strategy online can be difficult for small businesses. Enter LocalVox, one of the best web marketing apps out there. This app allows small businesses to build their brands online with ease. Small businesses can use this app to publish news, events, and announcements across many channels with a click of a button including social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as websites, local directories, and newsletters. LocalVox is an app which will boost your small business’s online marketing presence, creating more interest in your brand and helping you grow as a business without taking up all the resources required to constantly market your brand. This app will help make your small business’s online marketing more cohesive.


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