Mind the Gap! How to Tame Manual or Excel-based Business Processes


Has your organization applied traditional technologies, like BPM, ERP, PLM, or similar systems, to govern obvious business processes and workflows? Yet do you find that regardless of these systems, teams throughout your enterprise continue to manage much of their work by emailing spreadsheets around? 

If you (perhaps reluctantly) answered, “Yes,” to these questions, here’s the good news: you are certainly not alone. Neil Ward-Dutton, business process management expert and Director of Research at MWD Advisors, tells us that organizations everywhere are struggling with this universal issue: How can today’s organizations effectively bridge operational gaps where disjointed and manual processes currently reside? 

Taming the long tail of business processes

Neil will answer this question and more during our free webinar on April 14th at 11 a.m. ET where he will discuss how you can tame manual and Excel-based workflows, or what he calls, “The long tail of business processes.” He will also explain why doing so represents a colossal opportunity for your organization (think improved efficiency, productivity, customer satisfaction and more). 

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  • Discover how your organization can tame the long tail of business processes.
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