Project Management Software—Soon I Will Be Invincible!


It’s no secret that the way we work is changing. Smart companies are finally realizing that cloud-based applications and a ‘work-from-anywhere’ attitude allow employees to accomplish more, faster. Productivity and outputs are the new currency and gone (or at least going) are the days of slugging it to work to be chained to a desk. Let’s face it, some office activities waste time and if there’s anybody out there who likes to save time, it’s project managers.

Cloud-based project management software solutions are more accessible than ever. They come at reasonable price; they’re highly customizable and can be accessed from anywhere. PMs are about to get to a whole new level, whether it’s managing CRM open reporting on project progress and managing inventory. Here are just some of the benefits cloud-based project management software that will have PMs wearing capes in no time. 

I’m not made of money

Like your dad, most companies aren’t made of money. Nobody is looking to shell out a single penny more than they have to and everyone wants the most bang for their buck. Cloud-based project management software is run and stored offsite, reducing the immense cost associated with servers, storage and IT people. Service providers won’t hold clients to long-term commitments and allow them to pay annually or monthly depending on what’s right for them. What’s more, licensing fees go out the window along with the drudgery and headaches of old-timey data center implementations.

Cloud-based project management software reduces headaches

Anyone who has survived the planning, building and setup of an in-house systems implementation knows that kind of thing is not for sissies. On-site hosting is expensive, time consuming and we just don’t need to do it anymore. Cloud-based project management software systems don’t require all that setup and follow a simplified implementation process. Systems are up and running in a matter of days and the low cost means solutions that don’t meet a company’s needs can be abandoned and replaced without financial hemorrhaging.

You are virtually everywhere

With online project management software, data, reports and dashboards can be accessed from the office, home, or China. They’re up to date (as in real time), retain their functionality and changes are stored safely in the cloud until you touch down in Germany. Information is also accessible by all team members with change controls customized by the project admin. Enjoy that…wherever you find yourself working.