Online database takes the hassle out of searching for replacement car parts


Finding replacement car parts can be a tricky business. When auto dealerships phase certain components out of their immediate inventory or the part is no longer in production, many people turn to junkyards as a fast, affordable alternative to their mechanical needs., whose webpage says “If you can’t find it here, you won’t find it anywhere,” is taking the tedium out of physically searching for car parts with their new online database. The website supplies parts from junkyards across the United States.

First, users can search the site by year, make, model, part, engine size and transmission. Then custom alerts can be delivered through email, text or phone call when a match is found. Finally, deals are compared and the customer proceeds to checkout to confirm delivery.

AutoProsUSA said that what sets their custom online database apart is that buyers don’t have to pay exorbitant surcharges or haggle for the best price.

The Seattle Post Intelligencer said that the internet has created more opportunities for customers to find pre-owned auto parts.

Engines and transmissions are top sellers, according the AutoProsUSA. They feature all performance levels and designs for foreign and domestic cars and trucks. All of the suppliers offer full warranties in almost every case, applicable to the type of engine needed.

Equipment quality can be an issue that buyers face with some sellers using stock photos and descriptions, according to The Seattle Post Intelligencer. The parts of AutoProsUSA’s database are checked for both interior and exterior condition before a listing is created.

Online databases like this one take the time and tedium out of physical exploration and allow users to do the work of multiple searches in just one place.