More Mobile Devices Means More Custom Apps


While consumers are turning to applications for a wide variety of tasks, enterprises are also increasingly eager to leverage the power of apps. And more companies are seeking to build custom applications that are specifically tailored to their business needs and objectives, according to a recent InformationWeek article.

InformationWeek cited a Society for Information Management survey that found application development is among the “technologies business most care about.” SIM’s report echoes many others – such as a study by mobile device management company Zenprise – in stating that mobility is one of the main drivers of app development. The Zenprise poll of 500 IT professionals found that 81 percent plan to introduce custom mobile apps by the end of 2012.

The recent release of the iPhone 5 put the focus on smartphone apps, but the focus is set to shift to tablets as Apple rolls out the iPad mini. Writing for NetworkWorld, Ericka Chickowski pointed out that tablets are especially well-suited for enterprise applications.

Chickowski quoted Jamie Barnett, a marketing director for Zenprise, who said, “We’re seeing organizations doing all sorts cool things with tablets, really taking advantage of the full screen and great graphics capability.”

In particular, Chickowski noted, tablet applications are being leveraged by salespeople, who can use a tablet to showcase exciting content to prospective customers.

Brian Fino, an IT consultant, told Chickowski that businesses might be wise to consider developing content-focused apps for tablets and status-focused apps for smartphones. Fino said he tells clients to develop smartphone apps that provide crucial information at a glance and tablet apps that allow for more in-depth exploration of content.


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