More Hospitals Turning to Cloud-Based Online Databases


Many hospital executives are looking to introduce the cloud into medical facilities because of the efficiency cloud-based applications and storage can bring. According to an article published in HealthLeaders magazine, the cloud is effective for a variety of reasons, including managing the infrastructure and the back-end of the hospital’s system, as well as backing up patient data electronically.

The University of California San Francisco Medical Center is currently going through some renovations to its system, including the implementation of a recently developed application that allows doctors to track breast cancer patient’s data and make an assessment of their risk factors based on the information stored on a cloud database form. Joe Bengfort, executive director and CIO of the hospital, stated that officials are also currently trying to figure out how to move all of the facility’s medical data to the cloud.

“All the infrastructure is in place,” Bengfort said. “We’re replicating our data right now. We’re through two rounds of disaster testing, and we’re at a point now where we want to test the ability to not just fail over to switch to a redundant system but to fail back to restore the system to its original state.”

A report released last July revealed that the implementation of the cloud in hospitals is just beginning. Some experts believe that over the next few years, the market for the cloud in hospitals will increase significantly. A study from the U.S.-based global market research and consulting company MarketsandMarkets stated the market is expected to grow 20 percent annually, which would bring it to $5.4 billion by 2017.


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