Micro manage your workflow like a BOSS!


Do you know anyone who manages their workflows in a spreadsheet? If yes, check to see if they are alive. If they are, immediately send them to trackvia.com.

Make workflow better with lanes

TrackVia just added a new feature called Lanes (available to subscribers of TrackVia Enterprise, Enterpise + and Platform packages), to help you create an agile workflow that is simple to manage for everyone involved in your project. Lanes are not a new concept, they have traditionally been drawn on whiteboards to manage items as they move through a process. But dry erase markers are the worst, and we have a better solution. With a few clicks you can build your own swimlanes-style view in TrackVia.

First step, find a view that needs a little workflow help. A good candidate will be a view that uses a drop down for stages or statuses. Open your view options and select ‘Lanes’.

The next step is to configure your lanes and the cards that live on them. Choose that status or stage drop down that we mentioned above to make your lanes. Then choose a description. This will be what shows up on the card.

Click convert and let us blow your mind.

Mind blown? Just click and drag cards to new lanes to change a status or stage. It’s that easy.

While those other nerds spend two hours and 10 markers on such a task, you just changed the game in 10 seconds. Now kick back, relax, and crack a Corona. Lanes are easy, but being awesome is not. How’d you get so awesome?  

If you need help setting these up (you won’t) give us a ring, tweet us on the Twitter thingy @trackvia, or look us up on the Internet machine at help.trackvia.com.