Gain Real-time Visibility Into Your Operations in Weeks


Today many manufacturers collect critical production and operational data (think: quality, asset maintenance, parts, raw materials, safety standards, and the like) on the floor using clipboards, paper and pen. Or perhaps, they use a multitude of spreadsheets to track other types of manufacturing data, such as information about inventory, production, suppliers, warranties, and so on.

But then what happens with this critical data? We are finding that often it goes into a file to collect dust—only to be retrieved when a fire needs to be put out or the production line is shut down and the team is scrambling to remedy the issue. Does this scenario sound at all familiar?

If so, don’t fret; you are in good company! Manufacturers come to us every day to help them make better use of their data in an effort to gain meaningful insight into their operations, so they can streamline and optimize their internal processes as a result. It’s always better to be proactive than reactive, right?

Gaining meaningful visibility into your manufacturing operations starts with efficient, easy and reliable data collection, whether employees are in the office, off site, at the warehouse, or on the manufacturing floor. But better data collection alone isn’t enough to solve this common issue. In order to set the stage to optimize your operations and to get real-time visibility into the status of work, data from multiple sources needs to flow to a central location where:

1. Comprehensive reports can be easily generated that paint a full picture of your operations,
2. Data can be easily sorted and put into context, and
3. Analytics tools make tracking the status of your manufacturing operations uncomplicated and unambiguous.

Upcoming Manufacturing Operations Webinar

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This all sounds pretty awesome, right? Register today for our upcoming webinar to learn more!