In today’s competitive business landscape, sales teams hold the key to expanding a company’s customer base. Their success hinges on their ability to efficiently manage and nurture leads throughout the entire journey – from the first interaction to making the sale. Enter sales lead tracking, the secret ingredient to staying ahead of the race and driving business growth in a smart, systematic way.

Sales lead tracking enables businesses to effectively manage their leads, ensuring that no opportunities slip through the cracks. However, many businesses struggle with manual processes and disconnected systems, which can lead to inefficiencies and missed opportunities. 

It’s time to ditch the spreadsheets and manual processes and discover the game-changing advantages of using a low-code application to track sales leads. With TrackVia’s versatile low-code platform, watch your business effortlessly monitor leads and enhance its profit margins. Curious about customizable forms, automation, and real-time insights? We’re ready to unveil the secrets of how TrackVia’s features can revolutionize your sales process. Read on for more information. 

Challenges of Sales Lead Tracking

Navigating the world of sales lead tracking can feel like a daunting maze for businesses. When you’re stuck using outdated tools like spreadsheets or paper forms, the process becomes even more tedious, filled with errors, and shrouded in obscurity. 

Another challenge is disconnected systems, where businesses have separate systems for managing leads. This can lead to data silos and a lack of visibility, making it difficult to track leads across the entire sales cycle. It can also result in duplicate data entry and inconsistencies, impacting data quality and leading to inaccurate reporting. 

Inefficient workflows as a whole can impact the lead-tracking process. Even if a business has a lead tracking system in place, the workflows may not be optimized for efficiency. 

For instance, leads may be assigned to the wrong team member or there may be a lack of communication between the sales team and other departments. These inefficiencies can lead to delays in the sales process, which can impact revenue and customer satisfaction. Sales representatives are often thrown into a dysfunctional process, instead of being allowed to innovate in a citizen developer environment.

For decision-makers and stakeholders, limited visibility can cripple a sales process. Without real-time visibility into the sales pipeline, it can be challenging for sales teams to prioritize leads and make informed decisions. Lacking a clear view of the sales landscape can often cause lucrative chances to slip by, affecting the bottom line. Additionally, pinpointing crucial aspects requiring enhancement in the sales journey may become challenging, ultimately influencing overall sales performance.

Fortunately, businesses can address these challenges and optimize their sales lead-tracking process with TrackVia’s low-code platform. With TrackVia, businesses can streamline their lead-tracking process, improve data quality, and gain real-time visibility into the sales pipeline.

TrackVia’s Sales Lead Tracking Functionality

TrackVia’s low-code platform is an effective tool for managing sales leads. It provides businesses with customizable forms for capturing lead information, ensuring that all relevant data is captured accurately and eliminating the need for manual data entry. Forms can also be tailored to specific teams or departments, ensuring that the right people have access to the information they need.

TrackVia’s Sales Lead Tracking Form

In addition to customizable forms, TrackVia’s automated workflows help businesses to route leads to the right team members at the right time. Automated workflows eliminate the need for manual follow-up and ensure that leads are not lost or forgotten.

TrackVia’s Sales App Flowchart

TrackVia also offers real-time dashboards that give businesses a complete view of their sales pipeline at a glance. Dashboards provide real-time visibility into key metrics such as lead volume, lead status, and conversion rates. Businesses can identify trends and areas for improvement using these metrics, and dashboards can be customized to meet specific business needs.

TrackVia’s Leads Dashboard Mock-Up

TrackVia’s low-code platform integrates with other systems, such as CRMs and marketing automation platforms, ensuring that lead information is up-to-date and consistent across systems. Integrations eliminate the need for manual data entry and ensure that businesses can rely on accurate data.

Getting Started with TrackVia for Sales Tracking

Embracing TrackVia as your sales powerhouse is quick and economical. As a low-code SaaS platform, your organization can build, implement, and deploy in a fraction of the time compared to more complex systems such as Dynamics 365 CRM or Salesforce.

TrackVia is designed for both non-technical and technical users – no coding skills are required. When building a new sales system in TrackVia, consider your requirements first. 

  • What data do you need to capture about your leads? 
  • Which workflows do you need to automate? 
  • What reports do you need to generate? 

Asking these questions upfront will ensure that your subsequent implementation will follow a people, process, technology methodology which is both scalable and flexible.

Once you have your requirements defined, it’s time to experience the benefits of low-code. With TrackVia, you can design your data model, create forms and views, build dashboards, and automate your workflows with no technical skills required.

To get started, sign up for your free 30-day TrackVia trial, then log in and click through the wizard to create a new app. Give your app a name, such as “Sales Lead Tracking” and follow the instructions to create your first table, form, and dashboard.

TrackVia Sales App Quickstart

From there, you can customize your application to meet your specific requirements. For example, you can add fields to your data model, customize the look and feel of your forms, and configure your automated workflows with TrackVia Flows and Workato. For on-the-go organizations, download the TrackVia app for Android and iOS to access your data from anywhere, with no additional effort.

Discover the power of TrackVia in revolutionizing your sales lead tracking system! Say goodbye to tedious spreadsheets and manual workarounds, as this remarkable tool enables businesses to craft tailor-made applications focused on capturing vital data, streamlining workflows, and delivering insightful reports. Follow the guidelines shared in this article and watch your system evolve to meet your unique requirements. If you’d like a bit more on this process, request a demo to have a TrackVia representative show you how it works.

Get started with TrackVia today, no credit card is required to build out the dream Sales Lead Tracking form that works best for you!

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