How Video Games Could Improve Enterprise Software Deployment


Most businesses have begun demanding more from their technology, particularly as integration becomes a common theme for many IT deployments. It may seem like a great idea to have a dashboard with all kinds of bells and whistles, but software is only as effective as the user’s ability to access that functionality. That doesn’t mean developers shouldn’t make robust custom CRM programs and other enterprise software, but a fresh approach may be beneficial for getting employees to use new programs.

The Gamification Trend

The gamification trend has been not so quietly making its way into business and education.

The concept is simple: Apply video game design concepts to real life. Speaking with Network World, Rajat Paharia, founder of gamification company Bunchball, suggested that this idea could be applied to get more employees using enterprise applications.

There are several key video game lessons that businesses can use to get employees on board with software.

Powerful Teaching Methods

According to Paharia, one of these is that video games typically have a learning curve that exposes participants to gameplay elements incrementally. Companies can use this to teach their software, showing employees how to use small sets of features over time and providing continuous feedback during each stage. This way, workers are not overwhelmed by dashboards, menus and functionality and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the technology.

Encouraging Engagement

Character progress and game levels represent another thing that companies may be able to take out of video games. While it may seem silly, it’s actually one of the ways developers encourage players to stick with their games. Network World cited an example from Paharia’s company, which used a total of 27 missions to track department and user progress in learning a new software platform. This effectively sped up the learning curve by providing immediate feedback and fostering competition between teams.