Enterprise Software Predicted to Have a Big Year in 2013


Many analysts agree that this year will be a big year for database software. Specifically, a recent article for SiliconIndia made 11 predictions for enterprise software in 2013.

“2013 will be the year everyone wants to be a software company,” said analyst Ray Wang, CEO of Constellation Research for SiliconIndia. “Large hardware vendors and systems integrators will take advantage of the consumerization of IT trend and the cloud to consider delivering software-based solutions and IP to their market and competitors.”

In a year that is expected by many to witness substantial growth for enterprise software, SiliconIndia also noted that many analysts and researchers are predicting an economic recession.

“This will impact the traditional enterprise software vendors in a greater way than they realize,” said analyst Frank Scavo, president of the IT research firm Computer Economics. “Upgrade projects for traditional on-premises enterprise systems will be canceled or delayed. The third-party maintenance business will prosper as customers look for ways to cut support costs. This will put pressure on traditional vendors to cut maintenance rates, which they have been resisting. This in turn will pressure their operating margins.”

In an article for Enterprise Irregulars, contributor Vinnie Mirchandani took a broader look at historical enterprise software trends as he made predictions for the future, going off his 30 years in the industry. Mirchandani noted that specialized vendors will continue to thrive in the new year. Another point Mirchandani articulated is that data is taking over the cloud, meaning online database software vendors could continue to see marked success. More companies are recognizing the value in using custom software and tools to recognize meaningful patterns in their data and grow as a business.


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