Enterprise Software in the New Year


In a recent article for IDG News Service, contributor Chris Kanaracus examined enterprise software over the past year to draw predictions for 2013.

Kanaracus predicted that more companies are likely to be interested in adopting cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications, which could contribute to significant growth for online database software in 2013. Kanaracus also predicted that mobile application deployment will continue to soar in the coming year as the landscape evolves.

A recent guest post for VentureBeat offered 10 commitments enterprise software vendors should make.

“Today, nimble software vendors are growing in the enterprise at breathtaking speeds,” guest contributor Daniel Chalef wrote for VentureBeat. “Mobile, social and consumer trends have radically shifted business users’ expectations of what enterprise software should be. The new enterprise software reality is geared specifically to business users and has flexibility at its core.”

Being driven by purpose, supporting business anywhere, delivering insight, being socially aware and supporting customization were among the 10 commitments outlined by Chalef. Others included connecting software to the enterprise, building for scale, offering sensible pricing and providing trials.

Narrowing focus to customization, Chalef argued that nothing fits well right out of the box, including software. Customization will allow software to be tailored to businesses to make the software as useful as possible. Custom application development should also help companies adopt technology that best fits their needs.

“It’s not enough to support a business process,” Chalef stated. “Enterprise software must help improve it.”


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