Enterprise Cloud Adoption Trends Reflect Growth of Custom Business Apps


SailPoint’s annual Market Pulse Survey was recently released, showing that enterprises are using the cloud to run approximately one-third of mission-critical applications. The survey also indicated that this percentage is expected to increase to one-half by 2015.

“The survey also found that, in many cases, IT organizations are not fully aware of which cloud applications are in use across the enterprise, which makes it more difficult than ever for enterprises to monitor and control user access to mission-critical applications and data,” SailPoint detailed in a release. “In fact, only 34 percent of companies bring IT staff into the vendor selection and planning process when a cloud application is procured without using IT’s budget, making it very difficult to proactively address security and compliance requirements for those applications.”

Due in part to this disconnect between enterprise leaders and IT professionals, which means workers who do not have the necessary resources are empowered to acquire the cloud services even without IT buy-in, it has become an increasingly popular option for enterprises to turn to companies that produce custom application and custom online database solutions.

Organizations transitioning to cloud databases have been considered to have a higher risk as information is placed at risk during the migration process. Even as this fear has been assuaged, the new form of data storage requires well-established security processes and the integration of regular monitoring.

A recent article in Forbes considered whether cloud data security concerns are exaggerated or valid. Contributor Emma Byrne explained that as the sector continues to evolve and technology advances, there are going to be less-than-comfortable transition periods. However, risk will always exist, so focus should shift to proper management of data security dangers.


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