If you’re a seasoned TrackVia admin, chances are you’ve got a couple of core applications that demand the lion’s share of your attention. These key apps are likely pivotal for tracking crucial facets of your organization’s operations. But have you ever pondered the other possibilities? The potential for TrackVia to streamline those tedious tasks and meet the daily information needs of your team?

In this blog post, we’re shining a spotlight on three practical, yet powerful TrackVia builds. These are not just easy to assemble, but also a breeze to maintain. If you’re well-acquainted with TrackVia, you’ll be able to whip up one of these in just a day or two. So, let’s dive in and explore how you can leverage TrackVia to make your business processes even more efficient.

1) Post Updates to Slack or Teams

If you’re using Slack or Teams to communicate, and your users are managing projects or tasks in TrackVia, you can use Workato to post project updates separate from traditional notifications.

With a simple two-step Workato recipe like this, you can automatically notify a channel about major changes on anything being handled in TrackVia. Just make a filtered view in TrackVia that shows only records which warrant this type of notification, then have Workato watch that view for new records. As soon as a record meets those criteria, it appears in the view, triggering a Workato recipe that posts the details to Slack, Teams, or any other communications suite with a Workato connector.

Once you have a basic recipe running, you can use if/else conditions to sort through different types of notifications.

Taking it to the next level: To push it even further, try a scheduled recipe to summarize recent accomplishments every month.

2) Employee Onboarding

Onboarding task workflow in TrackVia

Get your employee onboarding process out of spreadsheets and into TrackVia. A three-table app is all you need to give new employees a single checklist for everything they need to complete. Create one table containing the master list of training materials, another with a list of employees (you can re-use an employee table from another app with cross-app connect), and a third that joins the two, where each record represents one instance of a task for one employee to complete.

Next, create a filtered view on the join table that shows each user only their own tasks, as well as an unfiltered view for supervisors to see everyone’s tasks together.

Filter settings in TrackVia

Onboarding spreadsheet in TrackVia

Whenever a new employee is hired, just add them to the employees table and create their tasks. When they log in, they’ll be able to see their list. You can even add notifications to this view, so each employee will receive an email if a new training is added.

Taking it to the next level: Use an app script on the employees table to automatically assign the full onboarding list as soon as a new employee is entered, saving clicks, or create a multiselect on the new employee form, so you can pick and choose the trainings for the employee with only one click each.

Additionally, you can use this in conjunction with Workato to schedule recurring retraining where necessary by writing a Workato recipe that creates new records in the join table on an appropriate schedule.

3) Funding/Grant Tracking

If your organization relies on outside funding from grants or contracts with unique requirements, you can build a repository in TrackVia to hold it all, effectively a digital file room.

Active Grant Table in TrackVia

For any kind of grant or contract management, you can design the system as deep as you like, but the minimum is one table for the contracts themselves, and a child table to hold the documents. Use the child table as storage for your applications, every report you’ve turned in, any contract amendments you’ve requested, and use the parent table to keep track of when everything is due.

Grant document workflow

If you receive grants on a recurring basis, you might want a third table to keep track of the overall programs that these grants are part of, the contact information for grant administrators, as well as documentation and instructions associated with those programs.

Finally, if you need to gather information from others in your organization to build your reports, create a form for that and invite users to report that information to you in TrackVia before bundling it up and passing it on to the administering organization.

Taking it to the next level: Do any of your administering organizations accept submission by API? If so, you can build a Workato recipe to submit applications and reports for you.

Using TrackVia to Your Full Potential

We’ve journeyed together through the creation of three diverse yet practical applications using TrackVia — a notification integration, an onboarding application, and a grant funding tracker. Each of these builds showcases how TrackVia can transform your business processes, making them more efficient and streamlined.

But the real takeaway here isn’t just about these specific applications; it’s the realization that these are just the tip of the iceberg. With TrackVia, the power to create low-code applications is right at your fingertips, ready to be harnessed to meet any and all of your business needs.

Whether you’re looking to automate mundane tasks, improve communication, or track crucial data, TrackVia provides a dynamic platform that makes it easy. All you need is a day or two, and you can build an application that not only meets your needs but also evolves with your business.

So why wait? Dive in and start exploring the endless possibilities that TrackVia offers. Remember, with TrackVia, building effective and efficient low-code applications for your business has never been easier.

Looking to learn more? Check out TrackVia University to learn how to take your apps further. Don’t have a low-code application platform yet? Request a demo to see how TrackVia can work for you!

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