As the demand for efficient, streamlined business processes continues to grow, many organizations are turning to citizen development. This powerful approach empowers employees to create custom applications, tools, and solutions without the need for extensive coding knowledge or IT support.

Despite the benefits, several myths and misconceptions about citizen development persist. In this blog post, we will demystify the world of citizen development by dispelling some of the most common myths and misconceptions and highlighting the role of TrackVia, a low-code leader, in supporting citizen developers.

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Myth 1: Citizen Development Is Only for Tech-Savvy Employees

Many people believe that citizen development is reserved for those with a strong background in technology. The beauty of citizen development lies in its accessibility to employees of all skill levels. Modern low-code and no-code platforms, like TrackVia, make it possible for even non-technical employees to create valuable applications tailored to their specific needs.

This accessibility not only helps organizations to tap into the skills and creativity of their employees, but it also contributes to the democratization of technology. By enabling individuals from diverse backgrounds to participate in the development process, citizen development fosters innovation and collaboration within organizations.

Myth 2: Citizen Development Compromises Security

Another common myth is that applications built by citizen developers are less secure than those built by IT professionals. Reputable low-code and no-code platforms prioritize security and compliance, ensuring that all applications meet necessary guidelines.

TrackVia, as a PMI Gold Tier Citizen Developer Partner, is committed to providing a secure platform for citizen developers. By utilizing such platforms, organizations can trust that their citizen developers are creating secure, compliant applications. In fact, adopting a robust citizen development platform like TrackVia is an excellent way to mitigate potential security risks, as it offers built-in security features and ensures that applications are developed within a controlled environment:

– Granular access control to specific apps, tables, and dashboards.
– Extensive audit logging to monitor record creation, deletion, and modifications.
Promotable sandbox environments for safely developing and upgrading apps.
– Centralized access control, integrated with Google, Microsoft, Okta, and more.

Myth 3: Citizen Development Leads to IT Chaos

Some people worry that citizen development will lead to IT chaos, with various employees creating applications without oversight. However, a well-implemented citizen development program should include clear governance and support from the IT department. This ensures that all applications are created within a structured framework and aligned with organizational objectives.

To avoid IT chaos, organizations should establish guidelines for citizen developers and provide them with the appropriate tools and resources. TrackVia’s platform is designed to help organizations establish and maintain a clear structure for their citizen development initiatives, offering features like app sandboxing, approval workflows, and centralized access management. By promoting collaboration between citizen developers and IT professionals, TrackVia helps to ensure that all applications are created in a controlled and organized manner.

To better understand the benefits of a well-structured citizen development program for yourself, download Improving Processes with Citizen Development.

Myth 4: Citizen Development Is Just a Fad

Some may dismiss citizen development as a passing trend. However, the increasing demand for digital solutions, coupled with the ongoing IT skills shortage, makes citizen development a valuable and necessary approach for organizations. By empowering employees to build their own solutions, organizations can rapidly innovate and stay ahead in the competitive business landscape.

Furthermore, the growing popularity of low-code and no-code platforms, like TrackVia, indicates that citizen development is not just a passing fad, but rather a sustainable, long-term solution to address the digital needs of modern organizations. TrackVia is committed to supporting organizations as they continue to embrace citizen development and capitalize on its potential to drive innovation and growth.

Myth 5: Citizen Development Limits Scalability

Another misconception is that applications built by citizen developers are not scalable. In fact, many low-code and no-code platforms offer robust scalability features, enabling applications to grow alongside the organization. Moreover, since these platforms often include integration capabilities, applications can easily be incorporated into an organization’s existing infrastructure.

TrackVia is designed with scalability in mind. Its cloud-based low code platform allows organizations to build applications that can easily adapt to changes in business needs or scale to accommodate increasing user demands. This level of scalability not only ensures the long-term viability of applications, but also helps organizations remain agile in the face of evolving market conditions.

Myth 6: Citizen Development Lacks Professional Support and Maintenance

A common concern is that applications created by citizen developers will not receive the same level of professional support and maintenance as those built by IT professionals. However, many low-code and no-code platforms, like TrackVia, provide comprehensive support and maintenance services to ensure the ongoing success of citizen-developed applications.

TrackVia’s support services include access to a dedicated customer success team, documentation, training, and a robust user community. By offering these resources, TrackVia empowers citizen developers to build, maintain, and optimize their applications with confidence. Additionally, by fostering a strong collaboration between citizen developers and IT departments, organizations can ensure that all applications receive the necessary support and maintenance to remain effective and efficient.

Citizen Development is a Powerful Solution

Citizen development is a powerful approach that allows organizations to harness the creativity and skills of their employees to build custom solutions. By debunking these common myths and misconceptions, we hope to encourage more businesses to embrace citizen development and unleash its full potential. With the right platform, governance, and support, citizen development can be a transformative force for organizations looking to innovate and thrive in today’s digital age.

As a PMI Gold Tier Citizen Developer Partner, TrackVia provides organizations with the tools and support they need to succeed in their citizen development initiatives.

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