Death to Spreadsheets! A Proclamation by an Excel Lover

Spreadsheet problems

I love Excel. That may be an unpopular confession, but it’s true. I’ve always held a healthy dose of skepticism for people who dislike Excel. It’s a powerful piece of software that can do some amazing things.

For years, I managed my household budget in Excel. I used it to rank and evaluate products – from cars to vacuum cleaners – before making a purchase. When I trained for my first half marathon, I built a super-complicated Excel sheet with 10-level deep nested IF() statements to figure out whether my training progress was hitting my goals or not (Spoiler: It was!). I used Excel for these purposes not only because it met my needs, but also because I quite honestly enjoyed the logic and the math behind setting up those spreadsheets.

Unfortunately, most business people are trying to solve more complicated problems than “Should I buy the Dyson or the Hoover?” or “Were my weekly miles all run at the proper pace?” Trying to solve complex, 21st century business problems with Excel is like trying to make your own furniture with only a screwdriver. Screwdrivers are wonderful tools, but you can’t cut, sand, or stain wood with a screwdriver.

Despite my love of Excel, I’ve come to realize that complex problems require a more robust solution. That’s where TrackVia comes in. TrackVia is an online workflow solution that lets business users quickly configure custom applications to meet a myriad of business needs. TrackVia is designed for business users, but is also packed with enterprise-level security and features that satisfy IT professionals. With TrackVia, I don’t have to worry about losing data because I accidentally deleted a formula or dragged a cell into the wrong place. TrackVia’s customizable permissions, full history of edits to a record, and easy ability to make data un-editable protect against this. There’s no more copying, pasting, inserting, and editing to add another row of data.

With TrackVia, I’m also able to automate processes and even set up a notification to let me know that new data has been added. Instead of writing complicated VLOOKUP() formulas and bouncing between different sheets, TrackVia allows me to build an actual, normalized database using simple drag-and-drop methods. TrackVia’s import functionality even makes it easy to start building a new TrackVia application by uploading an existing Excel spreadsheet.

Solving complex problems requires a sophisticated tool. TrackVia provides that greater level of sophistication in an application that’s easier to configure than a spreadsheet. My love for Excel remains. It’s still a great product and spreadsheets are still useful. For solving tough challenges, though, I’m going with TrackVia.


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