Dashboard best practices


My name is DJ Durkee and I am the Support Manager here at TrackVia. My team often has customers come to us with questions regarding how to set up and best navigate the dashboards in their TrackVia applications. I want to provide you, the reader, with some best practices for building and using dashboards, but first, let’s walk through the enormous benefits that dashboards provide.

The goal of the dashboard is to provide a quick overview of your most pertinent data. Imagine how awesome it would be to provide your boss with answers to his or questions, in a matter of seconds, and with real-time data. That would be great, right? When used properly, dashboards are a powerful tool and can turn you into a reporting rock star.

Dashboard best practices 

Each user role can have their own dashboard assigned as a homepage. This allows each user to see only what they need to see when they log in. A role can still have multiple dashboards available to them, but one is simply set as the homepage to kick off their TrackVia experience. For example, below we have a dashboard for an employee working in production, allowing them to view the important initial highlights that they designate. 


Dashboards are great for entering data through a custom form, reviewing the new and existing data in a gridview, and seeing charts update in real time as data is entered, as shown below.


Dashboards display data from multiple linked tables on a single screen to see end results across related records as information is added.

Quickly create an easy-to-use workflow process by creating and assigning multiple dashboards to users through their roles. This allows you to organize forms and reports into separate pages for users to tab through and complete their daily processes.   

Similar to views and forms, you can include your own (or another frequently used) website within a frame on a dashboard. Below is an example if you added the TrackVia homepage to your dashboard as a frequently used Web page.


If you have any additional questions or comments about dashboards and how to make the most of their features, please feel free to comment below or refer to our knowledge base or tweet our team @trackviasupport.