Custom Business Applications Deliver Unique Value


In a recent blog post for Bostinno, contributor Sebastian Vaduva argued that businesses should not constrain themselves to stock software design template, stressing the benefits from custom business applications.

“[Templates] are useful when you want to build a last-minute application but don’t offer customization preferences to the point where you need a specific option available but it only provides you with a small list of choices and the constraints will be felt and seen in the end results,” Vaduva wrote. “App builders and app makers are good when you want to experiment with basic functionality or just need something simple but they are constructed on rigid architectures that offer only a limited range of possibilities.”

Considerations to make when choosing custom business applications

Enterprise Apps Today contributor Paul Mah has previously outlined numerous criteria that businesses should consider when selecting enterprise software applications for the company. Among the top things to consider are cloud capabilities, data portability, mobile support, software trials and the support ecosystem.

InformationWeek’s Charles Babcock explained in a recent article that application performance management is particularly important now.

“It’s always been difficult to see what’s going on inside the application,” Babcock wrote. “At the same time, doing so has become more crucial as applications become one of the main ways that customers interact with companies they wish to do business with.”

As businesses move forward with solidifying the components of their business applications, it could be worthwhile to consider custom business applications. Pay particular importance to the type of features selected and make sure appropriate resources are focused on performance management.