Custom Application Development Can Extend A Company’s Reach


Many businesses have been pursuing enhanced enterprise mobility in recent years in the form of custom applications as part of an effort to increase employee productivity and promote business growth. The consumerization of IT trend has also recently emerged alongside the rising popularity of the smartphone and BYOD. In a recent CITEWorld article, contributor Mary Branscombe shared insight from IDC head of Enterprise Mobility Strategies group Nick McQuire, and explained how enterprises have been shifting their BYOD focus away from security to strategy, affecting a number of facets of enterprise software.

“The conversation moves beyond BYOD to the ‘bring your own tools’ phenomenon,” said McQuire, noting that this is where ambition comes into play. “To really enable the possible gains, businesses want to provide as much access as possible in terms of the penetration of devices. Apps become less experimental, more widespread, going from just B2C and reaching into the business and the partner environment.”

In a recent Sys-Con Media article, contributor Kevin Benedict noted how the enterprise mobility market is moving at a particularly fast pace, causing some companies to struggle to keep up. In fact, Gadget contributor and RealmDigital CEO Wesley Lynch recently reported that today it is common to see enterprises first develop a custom application for mobile platforms, later moving to others.

Lynch noted that this new trend is contributing to an overall “re-engineering” of enterprise custom application development strategies, and that pursuing the mobile platform is an excellent way to extend the reach of a business. He attributed the substantial growth of the mobile market to the popularity and success of enterprise applications.


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