Cloud Computing: A Project Manager’s Guide to Awesomeness


Someday, not long from now, all our work will be done in the cloud. All data, applications, information systems, and activities will be logged, aggregated and spit back out at us in record time and on demand. In fact, cloud computing is so ubiquitous it is set to become a $119 billion (that’s billion with a “B”) industry by the end of 2015. It is also prospected to grow by some 26% per year after 2015. Therefore, it won’t be long before technical professionals have near omniscient access to all company information and data relying solely on the cloud to improve their work. And project managers (PMs) are next on the docket for a cloud-based efficiency upgrade.

The Art of Awesome

Project managers are the nitty-gritty gatekeepers of a project. Not only do they determine the scope and timelines; they also build charts, assign work, and identify the milestones and targets to be hit along the way. While traditional project management software supports and automates some of these functions, a cloud-based system allows PMs to make the ascent to “awesomeness”.

With the cloud, project managers are able to slice and dice work into the tiniest of tasks and deliverables, ensuring all pieces are accounted for and completed. Customizable task management functions help teams and PMs see which tasks are linked to larger project deliverables and deadlines, and which are less critical. Task mapping lets teams see how activities are linked not only to each other but also to broader project outcomes.

The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Spend

There is no question that big, fancy, rich corporations have the time, money and people to build and implement massive traditional PM software systems. But big, heavy and expensive are not always better. For non-global entities, the cloud is a low-cost, quick-install, highly secure, customized PM solution ready to answer the prayers of agile startups, SMEs, freelancers, and virtual renegades.

See The Real Picture

Storing all project data and information in the cloud means huge data sets and reports are suddenly available in real-time from anywhere. They can be shared on any device and modified on a dime to inform next project steps. With cloud-based solutions, software upgrades, version control problems, and access issues no longer delay project managers. This means work can keep rolling while budget dollars go to the project and not the software that houses it. No meetings, no sending documents, no data walk through—just pure information access.

Worried about timelines? Cloud-based PM solutions can also track time spent on specific elements of each project. Team members can go back and see how long each task took informing realistic projections in the future. It also means remote team members can get online and get informed whenever they like. 

No wonder cloud computing project management solutions are so popular! TrackVia offers a unique, customizable project management software, as well as, several different other business applications. Learn more today or contact our team of experts to get your questions answered!