Are Citizen Developers Future CEOs?


As cloud-based solutions have become more prevalent and easy to use, a new class of professionals has appeared, and they’re quickly emerging as business leaders. We’re excited to announce the results of our new research that shows how Citizen Developers are helping re-write the software rules for many companies.

Our research found that Citizen Developers differ from their non-Citizen Developer counterparts in several key ways. They are finding and building software to meet their needs versus relying on IT to provide one-size-fits-all solutions, and they’re also more likely to use their personal technology, including devices and applications, at the office to do their daily work. We also found that they’re much more likely to bypass IT to find their own technology solutions to business challenges than those who aren’t Citizen Developers.

But in addition to technology differences, we wanted to dig even further and find out what impact this initiative is having on their careers and what characteristics they share. Interestingly, we found that Citizen Developers are much more aspirational in their careers and are getting promoted faster and more often, as well as earning more money. These findings suggest that Citizen Developers are poised to become business leaders in the future.

Other Citizen Developer report findings:

  • Age Differences: 50 percent of 18-29 year olds said they have or would build their own business or mobile apps compared with 43 percent of those aged 45-60
  • Customization Expectations: 73 percent of Citizen Developers expect to be able to modify and customize their work computer or laptop by adding software and applications whenever needed
  • Highly Confident Tech Users: More than half of Citizen Developers say they are most qualified to decide the software and applications they use at work, instead of IT or their manager

We’re looking forward to continuing our research so that we can keep bringing you the latest information on how custom business applications are changing the business landscape. We want to hear from you too. What impact do you think custom business applications are having and how do you see them being used in the future? Tweet us at @TrackVia and weigh in.

If you’d like to download a full copy of The next generation worker: The Citizen Developer, visit our website here.