Citizen Developer spotlight: Nielsen streamlines HR evaluations


For the world’s leading marketing and media information company, Nielsen, having a razor sharp talent management system is paramount. A company driven by the talent and creativity of their work workforce, Nielsen connected with TrackVia to walk the Citizen Developer road to better talent tracking and analysis.

Any HR professional who has gone through the process of evaluating employees and their files knows the process can be long, confusing and even a bit painful. And not just for the person being evaluated. Buried under a mountain of tracking forms, databases and files, those kind-hearted folks in HR are sometimes the ones who suffer the most. For try as they might, the limitations of their tools and data management systems often lead to delays, arduous report making and even missed deadlines. And when HR doesn’t have the right tools, everyone suffers.

Know what you want, then ask for it

Nielsen’s Director of Organization Development, Todd Markle, knew he wanted to keep a sharper eye on employee skills and attributes as well as their successes over time. And with his HR team in the midst of replacing their old talent tracking legacy system, he knew he didn’t want to wait for that information. Markle and his team, ever invested in managing their corporate workforce, knew some other things as well. The interim system had to be easy to use, deliver custom reports in real time and document recording activities all while maintaining secure Internet access.

Citizen Developers work smart, not hard

Knowing that the security and accessibility of legacy databases like Access would simply not meet their needs, the Nielsen team carefully selected a cloud-based system from TrackVia and within a few weeks, the team went live. No, that’s not a typo. They really did go live within weeks. TrackVia’s online database and application platform gave managers and staff unprecedented agility and control over their assessments and their time. With employee data uploaded and consolidated automatically, staff were free to spend most of their time analyzing customized reports rather than creating them. The best part? No experts needed. Filters and drop down menus turned HR personnel into Citizen Developers capable of bypassing programmers and analysts to perform unique data queries data all by themselves.

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Active in over 100 countries, Nielsen needs more than just fast, flexible reporting. They need safe and secure sharing functionality. To make sharing easier, TrackVia provided a single page “employee report card” using creator engine. Creator engine? What is that? Good question. Citizen Developers can click the desired data sets and enjoy employee evaluations bearing company badging, formatted for Word and ready for distribution among Nielsen HR and leadership teams. For Markle, “TrackVia provides an unprecedented offering in the marketplace. They have perfectly balanced features, performance, ease of use, and pricing into an online database package.” The export wizard also allows HR personnel to quickly export reports to Excel while the toggle function means data can be viewed easily as tables, charts, graphs and other view formats.

To read the full Nielsen case study, click here.


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