Citizen Developer Spotlight: Honeywell


Citizen Developer takes control of data with TrackVia!

A global connection of engineers, business pros and mad scientists; Honeywell is a Fortune 100 company that invents and manufactures technologies. They specialize in energy efficiency and clean energy generation, as well as, safety, security, and customer productivity. With 132,000 employees all over the world, every moving part of this organization needs to run efficiently and effectively. For Citizen Developer and Procurement Senior Commodity Leader Professional at Honeywell, Pete Zeller, re-envisioning how the company managed hundreds of contracts and negotiations was high on the to do list.

Excel: You can use it, but don’t have to

Humans are incredible. We can do a million things that defy logic, gravity and reason. What we cannot do is enter data consistently into a spreadsheet without errors over the long term. It’s just not possible.

For Zeller, spreadsheets were meeting his needs technically in terms of speed and ease of use, but he admits the massive forms were tough to share among teams and even harder to keep up to date and in control. The sheets were a constant source of delays and often caused errors. More importantly, these errors led to under-reporting of procurement efforts for his team. “We have under-reported our value to the company for a long time because we haven’t had a reliable way to report savings as a whole within procurement,” said Zeller.

As dedicated and friendly as a first-class flight attendant

A customized online database should meet a Citizen Developer’s needs “to a T”, and should do it with a smile. After touring TrackVia’s capability, Zeller participated in a two-day, onsite session to transform Honeywell’s online database needs into a user-friendly, razor sharp system capable of accommodating seven Honeywell teams around the globe. “Now we have designed one that meets everyone’s needs, in one location, so we can look at much broader reporting capabilities across the entire planet for our procurement opportunities,” says Zeller. Easy, customized, friendly, and reliable—welcome to first-class.

The rocky road to reporting bliss

Sure, Honeywell had some flirtations with clunky Microsoft Access and SharePoint, but they never quite delivered the level of user-friendliness and customized data power and custom online database provided by TrackVia. With this new system, Honeywell has ushered in an era of simplified dashboard reporting. Everyone from their commodity leader to the vice president can see real-time data gathered concisely and displaying the metrics relevant to their role. Senior leadership now has the power to view the cumulative effect of their global procurement teams and make decisions based on real-time metrics.

After only eight weeks, Honeywell was completely up and running in full Citizen Developer mode producing powerful reports and running their app internationally. And for Zeller there is no turning back. For him, TrackVia offers, “niche service in the cloud that is something that a lot of companies are looking for. It’s affordable, it’s user-friendly, and your service technicians are outstanding.”

For more information about Citizen Developer, Honeywell’s case study, and their implementation of TrackVia Solutions click, here. Or contact our team of experts directly if you think a custom online database is right for you!