Citizen Developer Spotlight: Healthways Takes a Prevention Approach


Growing a business is hard but what happens when the business is a success and it’s time to grow? For health and well-being solutions provider, Healthways, this was indeed the question. For over 30 years Healthways has helped people around the world lower their healthcare costs by optimizing care. But over the past few years, the company realized it was time to do more. And doing more meant not only changing their services but changing their way of working as well. Enter the Citizen Developer!

After much consideration and evaluation, Healthways set a goal to transform their business to offer clients ‘whole health solutions’. You see, whole health solutions go beyond disease management and deliver the most effective kind of healthcare people can get—prevention.  And that meant it was time to start ditching old legacy data management systems, expand their partnerships, gain new suppliers and streamline distribution systems.

Preventing Time and Budget Drain

For Healthways Web Operations Manager, Nathan King, making the move from disease management to preventative care meant finding a flexible, easy-to-use system that could support effortless data flow and tracking between Healthways and their suppliers. Knowing his team’s energy is best spent executing valuable preventative health initiatives, King aimed to reduce their data input and tracking time by selecting a cloud-based data management solution from TrackVia. By turning away from traditional legacy systems and enterprise software vendors and becoming a Citizen Developer, Healthways avoided the financial and time burden of building an in-house server system as well as astronomical licensing, building and maintenance fees.

Citizen Developers Building a Healthy Delivery Chain

To create the right cloud-based system Heathways’, King selected TrackVia to construct their platform. According to King his company “needed a solution to monitor the business in a granular, real-time fashion across both our organization and that of our supplier.”

Once selected, TrackVia created an easy-to-use, secure system the featured intuitive functions and enhanced productivity. But more importantly, their system empowered Healthways employees to take the reigns as Citizen Developers. Like most people, the company’s staff were not technical gurus, but their knack for analytics mixed with the easy-to-use system had them syncing data and building real-time reports in minutes. Yes, literally minutes.

Knowing it Works

In the world of health and wellness, research is king. Thousands of studies are run and published each year to get us the statistics and outcomes to inform us (and our doctors) of the best treatment and prevention options available. And Healthways takes the same approach when evaluating the ROI of their internal systems. And we’re glad they did. After only two months, TrackVia systems freed up one full-time data management staff to transition to a more strategic role within the company. And because their business is growing over 25% each year, Healthways deployment of TrackVia Solutions will enable them to meet their growth while reducing staffing by 20%. According to King, “TrackVia delivered such an instantaneous boost to our productivity that we started looking at other areas in which TrackVia could be deployed.”

And because TrackVia built a multi-layered secure system that meets all HIPAA regulations, Healthways can continue to deliver services and expand their partnerships with absolute confidence that clients’ personal health information will remain safe.

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