Building Strong Citizen Developers One at a Time


It may seem crazy, but control of cloud-based IT and programming activities is closer than ever for us normal business types. As the learning curve and threshold for access to designing and controlling apps and online databases gets flatter and flatter, businesses large and small have a chance to be more competitive than ever! No longer constrained by the cost of several savvy programmers, cloud computing specialists and clunky data and information management systems, business software users can migrate from needy inept hostages to brilliant Citizen Developers.

Citizen Developers, this is your year

It’s official! The DIY cloud computing revolution is in full swing.  In the way that 2013 was the year of the customized application; 2014 is sure to be the year of the Citizen Developer. But with great power comes great responsibility. If fledgling Citizen Developers are to succeed they much first learn to use their powers for good — and TrackVia webinars and how-to videos are just the place to start.

Citizen Developers can add tremendous value to an organization, but more often than not, they need support and education while learning to fly.

After selecting and implementing a cloud-based business solution, a keen business user is wise to go through some basic training to learn the skills and tools necessary to build and create a custom business application — and TrackVia can help along the way.

Friends helping friends

You know your business best, so why not combine your expertise and knowledge to build your an intuitive, customized application that is exactly right for your needs? In fact, the consumerization of IT and the rise of in-house application building makes the process much easier. With an intuitive and easy-to-use application platform like TrackVia, Citizen Developers can create applications that work they way they do, using a point-and-click framework, and with no programming experience necessary.

It’s not that Citizen Developers aren’t super savvy application building pros, but it’s often easier to get up and running when you have a road map for success. TrackVia webinars and how-to videos support Citizen Developers in everything from getting started designing a custom business application to turning your masterpiece into fully functioning iPad app that enables you to manage your data on the go.

Learn more about TrackVia webinars and how-to videos for Citizen Developers, here.