Custom Business Application: Build It in 5 Easy Steps!


Do you have a step in your business process that takes up too much time? If you’re thinking the best way to streamline your processes is to get an app for that, you are probably right! The problem is; there may not be one. Sure the App Store is crammed with options, but your business is unique and you may need a very particular functionality if an application is really going to help save you time and money. The good news is; there doesn’t have to be an app for that because, dear Citizen Developer, you can just build one yourself!

Not only can custom business applications help to streamline your processes, improve customer service, save you time and prevent mistakes and expensive callbacks, you can potentially create a new stream of revenue if your custom business application addresses a problem other businesses in your industry may also be experiencing. Here’s how to become a Citizen Developer and design your own custom business application in just a few easy steps.

Million dollar ideas

The question to ask first when conceptualizing your custom business application is what pain point it resolves for your customers or your employees. Conduct a survey with your target audience to find out which parts of their process are tedious so you can learn how developing a custom business application will save time and money.

When John Strombel asked his real estate agents what parts of their job could be streamlined, he learned that they wanted to be able to work out monthly mortgage payments for their clients quickly when they were in a bidding war for properties. Strombel developed a custom business application that would allow his agents to simply fill in the home price and the mortgage length to get a quick calculation of monthly payments at prime interest rates.

His custom business application successfully addressed a pain point for his employees and allowed them to be more effective in the field. Strombel’s custom application has uses outside his own office for both clients and other agents as well.

Do the research

Building a custom business application relatively inexpensive endeavor, but you still want to ensure that it can actually resolve a pain point for your customers and employees. You want a good return on investment because you want your application to further augment the customer experience or save you time and money by streamlining your processes.

Map it out

Map the process you wish to streamline so you know exactly what you need to do to make it more efficient. Conduct surveys to get ideas and input from your target audience. Knowing what you are working with will help you to craft the most effective custom business application.

Anyone can build a custom business application

You don’t have to be a programmer to become a Citizen Developer. Advanced online application platforms enable you to create your own custom business application in as little as half an hour. All you need to create your own custom application is a good idea and the right development platform. The rest is child’s play. Select a platform that offers a free trial so you can try it out to ensure that it is the right tool for you.

Effective testing

It’s imperative that you test out your custom business application before marketing it internally to your managers or externally to the public. Start by offering your application on a trial basis and ask users to provide feedback and suggestions for improvement. Ensure that your custom business application resolved the original pain point effectively and gather some measurements on just how much it enhances the customer experience or how much time it saves employees. This will make it easier to promote your application.

Thanks to modern custom business application development platforms, anyone can be a Citizen Developer. The power to customize your own applications means you can continuously develop the technology that will give you the edge over your competitors. The fact that anyone can develop their own applications means that you can create a dynamic system that grows with you and continuously improves the way you do business and the experience your customers have with your brand.

Go ahead! Become a Citizen Developer and design your custom business application today and add a really valuable arrow to your quiver of talents.