Brand your TrackVia apps


Did you know you now have the ability to brand your TrackVia apps to make them look and feel like your own? This quick how-to article will show you how…

Here’s how to brand your TrackVia apps

Customize your TrackVia Enterprise, Enterprise + or Platform applications package (also available as part of our Partner Program) by uploading your own logo and favicon and choosing a color theme that best represents your company.  


Looks a bit different, right? The Color Themes will customize the navigation bars, the links and the buttons in your app. If you have a theme you would like to see or just want to provide feedback, you can comment on the post in our user forum about Color Themes.

You can even take it to the next level with the Enterprise + package by creating a subdomain that reflects these customizations on both your account’s login page and the emails sent from your application.  


Check out the email you can create to invite new users. Note the message does not say someone invited you to join a “TrackVia” account—this account’s name is “Custom Branding.”


And that’s not all! Want to create links to help docs that are specific to your app? We also offer the ability to change the links or write your own message under the “Help” menu.


Our customers have gotten really creative when it comes to creating documentation on how to best use the application they have built for their coworkers or clients. Some have created videos that take you step by step through the app’s workflow, while others have simply hosted instructions online complete with screenshots. Either way, you can enter a custom link in your account so your users can easily access these resources under the Help menu. Additionally, you can simply enter the contact information for the person or team that will be assisting your users when help is needed.  

Want to brand your TrackVia apps and need a little assistance? Our Support team is here to help! You can reach us at, or send us a tweet @trackviasupport