Apps for Productivity Away From The Office


Have you ever had to email documents to yourself just to have access to it while you are away from your desk? Left your to-do lists with your assistant at the office? Needed to know the status of a task before your meeting, but had no access to it? Working away from your office can make you feel disconnected, out of the loop and unable to access the documents you need while you are on the go. Professionals continue to look for tools that will allow them to work seamlessly whether they’re are at their desk, at home, or at Starbucks. Since their mobile device or tablet is all they usually have on hand, it’s important that they be able to use those devices to get maximum productivity away from the office. 

Our favorite apps for productivity away from the office

Remote Access
There’s nothing more frustrating than needing a document and not being able to access it remotely, and no one wants to email multiple documents to themselves just to have access to it when away from the office. Having an app that will allow you remote access to your work or home desktop will remove that hassle. Apps like LogMeIn, TeamViewer allow you to view your desktop screen and have access to your documents from your mobile device. 

Digital Collaboration
There are also a number of tools that will prevent any stalling or delays in projects while you or other team members are away from the office. Quip, TrackVia, Basecamp and Yammer offer mobility collaboration — consistent communication with chat capabilities, file sharing, the ability to integrate with other platforms, i.e. email, and task lists to keep the team on top of deadlines and share status updates. How’s that for productivity away from the office?

What’s My Schedule?
Personal assistant apps like Timeful, Tempo, MYND and Sunrise Calendar are the new calendar applications that are useful for productivity away of the office. These apps combine calendar and to-do lists to create daily agendas that can be shared with multiple people in your office and remain accessible to you while you are away from your desk.

Video Conference
With applications like Blue Jeans Network, and Cisco WebX, on-the-go professionals have the ability to join meetings and seamlessly connect with people in different locations, conduct meetings, and view presentations and demos, removing the hassle of trying to coordinate schedules and perpetually rescheduled meetings. 

Share it in the Cloud
While apps like Dropbox, Box and Google Drive are well known and great cloud-based storage tools for files, other alternatives like SpiderOak offer a private online file sharing platform, and give professionals the ability to move files to the cloud and have access to it at any time. 

Note to Self
Evernote is one of the most popular apps among professionals to capture notes and reminders. However, alternatives like Pocket, OneNote and Google Keep will help you capture websites to read at a later time or take notes on the go.

How have you better managed your productivity away from the office? Comment below or tweet us @trackvia and share your favorite mobile applications then you are away from your desk.