Animal Shelter in Wisconsin Upgrades to Online Database


HOPE Safehouse, an animal shelter in Racine, Wisconsin, is abandoning the stacks of files and documents laying around the office and upgrading to a customizable online database, according to The Journal Times. The organization’s employees expressed their frustration with the outdated system and decided to upload digital versions of their documents to an online database in order to better connect with clients.

Such online applications are beneficial to companies because they allow employees to update the files from practically anywhere with an internet connection and provides instantaneous news for other people invested in the information.

With regard to the animal rescue group, they hope the upgrades will allow them to find animals in need of a good home quicker and connect to potential adopters in a more streamlined fashion.

The organizers agree they have a lot of work ahead of them.

“It’s going to take a while,” spokeswoman Lynn Nielsen told the source. “All of the info is pertinent. It’s just that the last 10 years is more pertinent than before that.”

The organization rescues animals that are scheduled to be put down in an attempt to give them one more chance at life. The group does not focus on strays or accept adoptions, but instead works with animals that have been neglected or abused to the extent that they are no longer wanted.

“We get the guys that are scheduled to be killed with the hour,” Nielsen said, according to the Journal Times. “We get hundreds and hundreds of emails every week with pictures of dogs and cats that are scheduled to be killed mostly with a deadline and we have to pick and choose what we can take.”

By converting to an online environment, the group hopes to be able to respond quicker to information and save more animals on “death row.”


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