5 Ways to Clean-up Your Online Database


Having an online database will help to increase the productivity of your sales, marketing and customer service teams. Unfortunately, a system riddled with incorrect information will render your data virtually useless. Below, you’ll discover five ways that you can clean-up your act to ensure that your organization is getting the best return on your investment from your online database.

1. Fix the Bounces

Things can change pretty quickly: people get laid off or fired, new folks get hired or promoted, companies are acquired by other companies. All of these things can be detrimental to the information housed within your database. When using an email marketing solution along with your online database, it should be able to tell you when a contact’s email address has bounced. Here, you have an opportunity to correct those bounces. All it takes is a little research. Look the person up on Linkedin to see if they have recently changed jobs. Call the company and ask if the person has a replacement. Don’t let bounces pile up without taking any action- work to correct them sooner rather than later.

2. Ask Your Contacts Directly

It’s not a bad idea to periodically send out a mass email to all of your contacts asking them to update their profiles within your online database. You can also make it  a practice to always have a link in the bottom of your email marketing campaigns that asks customers to update their profile.

3. Engage the Customer Service Team

An easy way to ensure that your customers’ information is always up to date is to have the customer service team make it a habit of verifying the customer’s contact information every time they call in for support and instantly updating it within your online database if there are any changes.

4. Eliminate Obsolete Information

If you never send out faxes to your customers, don’t bother collecting their fax number from them in the first place. The more data fields you have, the more work it will be to keep them all up to date. Only collect and update information that you plan on using to do business with them and eliminate the rest.

5. Outsource

There are tons of companies out there who are willing to clean-up your data, for a fee. If your online database is overrun with incorrect information, it may be worth the money to have someone else remedy the situation. However, once you get it under control, you’ll want to utilize some of the methods above in order to keep it that way.


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