Piblo Information Technologies, based in the United Kingdom, works to empower businesses with digital technologies helping them to work better and smarter. Piblo recently partnered with TrackVia and has been working on an application that they feel can work within multiple manufacturing companies.

Umut Öztürk, co-founder and president of Piblo, uses his experience working to build software for both startups and enterprises. In addition to working with his core team, he collaborates with a wider developer community and partners to help expand services and build solutions for his clients.

In the past, it has taken Umut months to implement code-based operational solutions for his clients, but he knew there had to be a better way. Within his research, he found low-code/no-code platforms that could help him create solutions in a fraction of the time. He now is working to make his company a strong player in the LCNC market, by providing better and faster solutions compared to the traditional methods.

In his first project with TrackVia Umut is working on a solution for Treco, one of the largest technical rubber manufacturers in Turkey. Treco produces a multitude of industrial and technical rubber products, each requiring different processes depending on the intended use, and also has specialized recipes for unique clients. Treco was in need of data-driven solutions and a better way to collect data and turn it into usable knowledge throughout multiple departments. They wanted better insights and understanding of their full manufacturing process that their current software could not provide.

Piblo divided the scope of the Treco project into 6 different modules for each of their departments:

  1. Sales
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Laboratory
  4. Purchasing
  5. Warehouse
  6. Logistics

Within these departments, they worked to structure data points making the data management process seamless with Treco’s CRM and MRP systems that were already in use.

With TrackVia applications, Piblo was able to provide Treco with the ability to customize their data in any way they wanted. It filled in the gaps between the systems that were in place and, with easy integration processes, zero time was lost in re-entering any data. TrackVia’s native mobile feature made it easy for Piblo to provide a mobile application that worked instantly and provided a better user experience for people on the manufacturing floor, in the logistics department, and within the laboratory.

Production plans are now automatically created based on customer data. Purchase orders and machine capabilities can be calculated. Tracking the unique processes and client needs has become easier. In fact, they have seen a 50% increase in data collection, and reports based on that data collected can be created quicker and easier than ever. For top management, information is provided in real-time and they now have a complete overview of the operations. Treco management can better define KPIs and quickly identify errors or obstacles that might cause delays.

With the use of TrackVia applications, Piblo has helped Treco create a competitive advantage in its market. Piblo was able to make the operations more efficient and place the data-driven decision-making processes at the core of the company. Treco now has full visibility through all departments.

This is just the beginning of Umut’s and Piblo’s venture into TrackVia’s low-code platform. TrackVia makes it easier to create complex applications, and with that, Umut sees he can have a significant advantage with the ability to create solutions faster for Piblo’s potential customers. The operational solutions, that before seemed to be long and arduous development processes, are now within reach.

Listen to Umut’s process in his recent webinar with TrackVia.

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