Supercharge the Value of your TrackVia Investment

Resources in this world are finite, and our personal share of those resources is usually quite limited. Therefore, it is important that we are intentional about maximizing the value we derive from the things we purchase.

One strategy I employ to maximize value is to shop for versatility. Products that can be used repeatedly for multiple purposes can yield significant value over single-purpose items.

Multi-Use Platform
TrackVia is an excellent example of a highly versatile product that can be used to solve multiple business problems. Because TrackVia is a platform and not a point solution, you are not limited to only one use case.

In fact, you can build as many apps as you see fit. Your TrackVia account can contain apps for every department in your company – quality, compliance, project management, supplier management, human resources, marketing, etc. And when your apps exist on a single platform, it is easier for the apps to “talk to each other” – break down those silos!

Economies of Scale
When you first consider purchasing TrackVia, it’s likely that you intend to use it to address one very specific problem. You have a pain point, are shopping around for a solution, and found TrackVia to be a strong choice for cost, speed, and ease of use. Then, you, or TrackVia’s implementation team, work to build and launch your app, and your pain point decreases. Job well done!

Does your TrackVia story stop there? I hope not. Remember, TrackVia – it’s a platform, not a point solution. It’s now a tool in your toolkit, so maximize its value by using it to solve more problems.

I started using TrackVia as a customer in 2011 to automate the manipulation of a terrible ERP report into something that was useful and actionable for my team. The first year benefit of time saved (200 hours) versus time to build (8 hours) was over 25x!

Inspired by that result, I set out to solve as many problems as I could with TrackVia. I built solutions for task and project management, compliance audits, multistep approvals, cross-department collaboration, price adjustments, and more. The more I built, the faster and better I got, and the more value my company received. TrackVia went from being the solution for my ERP reporting problem to my continuous improvement machine for multiple departments.

Controlled Growth
The value that one person can create through TrackVia is significant, but imagine the benefit that can be realized by several people, a department, or even an entire company!

Scaling up is both fun and massively rewarding, but it is wise to do so in a controlled manner. If you pursue growth without reasonable guardrails in place, it can become challenging to maintain quality, communicate effectively, and keep risk in check. On the flip-side, if your guardrails are too restrictive, you might stifle the enthusiasm of your citizen developers. Finding the right balance between control and empowerment is key.

At TrackVia, we endorse the PMI Citizen Developer program for customers who choose to pursue controlled growth. TrackVia has achieved Gold-Tier Partner status in their program and stands firmly behind the methodology.

What I like most about the program is the 5-stage maturity model:

  1. Discovery
  2. Experimentation
  3. Adoption
  4. Scaling
  5. Innovating

The stages make the journey feel doable and ensure that your growth begins with a sturdy foundation.

TrackVia’s value doesn’t end with the applications you can create. Our partnership with the Project Management Institute is a great way for your company to add value in the new year by beginning your citizen development journey. If scaling up and starting a citizen development program is intriguing to you, I’m here to help! I’m happy to have a conversation to assess your needs, get you access to PMI’s 90-minute Citizen Developer Foundation course, and create a plan for your journey.

Find me on LinkedIn, and join the citizen developer conversation!

Never stop improving!