Jim Huff – J2 Link – Managing End-to-End Processes with TrackVia

For Jim, the spreadsheets he started with to manage all the moving parts of his business quickly became too complex. Shared spreadsheets caused issues with data accuracy, and merging data became impossible. Jim didn’t have the resources in his company to develop a solution himself, but he knew there should be a better way. Looking for solutions online, Jim found TrackVia.

TrackVia’s platform made sense for Jim, he didn’t have to code and was structured in a way that made sense.

Building out one element at a time, Jim was able to spread TrackVia throughout all the processes in his businesses. He used coaching from the TrackVia Services team to help him along the way, but also has leveraged TrackVia University to learn all the aspects of how to use TrackVia to the best of his ability.

“It’s addicting, I like working in it!”

-Jim Huff, President, J2 Link Group

As his processes improved, he started showing TrackVia to his customers. Eventually, they saw the efficiency that TrackVia supplied and began to ask for the implementation of TrackVia in their contract. They wanted access for easy approvals, quality checks, and reporting! He now implements his TrackVia apps with all his contracts and has become a preferred vendor because of the ease of which his clients can check on progress.

Now Jim has 15-20 dashboards that he uses for the different areas of his company, and continues to work and improve the processes and is able to quickly and easily tweak the information and data he sees. His clients no longer have to do in person checks, but can sign off on work right in the platform by seeing quality photos and invoices.

The real time access is making a huge difference for his capability with clients.
Now that he has a better understanding of the data his clients need and the systems they work with, He’s looking at how he can integrate his TrackVia platform with other municipalities’ systems to make it even more efficient.

Check out the replay of our 30-min interview with Jim to hear more about his process.