Getting started or getting help with TrackVia

A quick guide to how TrackVia Services can help you get your apps working the way you want

At TrackVia, our mission is to empower more people to build and manage applications on their own with little to no code. That means any business or process expert can build apps quickly and easily without help. However, if you decide that you’d like a helping hand, TrackVia offers the best customer service experience in the industry grounded in our Customer First philosophy. Our flexible service offerings will meet you where you are and empower you to get to where you want to be quickly.

Why would I need help creating an app? Isn’t TrackVia a no/low-code platform?

It sure is, but over the years we’ve found lots of reasons, ranging from not having enough time in the regular work day to just wanting some extra guidance to make your first, second or 50th app a smashing success. Whatever the reason, there are some real benefits to leveraging our services, including:

  • 50% faster deployment: Customers who leverage our in-house app experts typically build and deploy their apps in about half the time.
  • Amplify success: Having built thousands of apps, our experts know how to optimize
    processes and functionality using advanced app design and techniques.
  • 10X ROI: Our experts can help you quickly identify new opportunities to leverage TrackVia in ways you might not have imagined, thereby increasing your ROI.

Ok, what services does TrackVia provide? How can we make this happen?

We offer a handful of options that have been specifically crafted based on our partner’s feedback. Here’s the rundown:

  • Custom Application Package: This is our most comprehensive service. It’s our tried and true way to properly design, develop and deploy a low-code app. This is a high-touch service, as customers will be partnered with an Implementation expert and project manager who will not only deliver a to-spec custom application but empower the customer to learn the ins-and-outs of how to develop and grow their own app
  • Scoping & Planning Package: This engagement will prepare a customer to build a specific application. Using agile methodology and the latest techniques in scoping and problem definition, a customer will learn how to properly gather requirements and conduct effective discovery and scoping activities with their stakeholders. At the conclusion, an app project roadmap will be delivered. This proposal will include a blueprint for the app’s architecture, user stories, a sprint schedule with key deliverables and a go-live strategy.
  • Service Package: This is our most flexible service engagement. Packages average between 5-40 hours (customized to customer needs). Customers have the agency to dictate how their hours should be used but must have a clear vision and list of objectives to accomplish. An assigned TrackVia team member could consult, support, coach and/or build out the applications based on the needs and desires of the client.
  • Premium Support: Premium Support is a great product for customers who have admins that are actively adding new applications or consistently making changes to their existing applications. This option pairs a dedicated TrackVia resource with a customer’s existing admins in order to answer questions, troubleshoot issues, and provide recommendations / guidance. The customer’s admin is responsible for implementing any applications changes.
  • Recurring Service Package: A Recurring Service package provides the value of a dedicated Implementation resource with the benefit of a helping hand for application building. By setting regularly scheduled meetings this package also provides a consistent level of engagement to assist the customer’s admins.

I have trained admins who have gone through TrackVia University and are great at developing TrackVia apps. Do we really need this?

Ultimately, we want you to be successful. Whether that’s standing up new applications or evolving established apps. That being said, we recognize every company, department and person is unique in terms of how little or how much assistance they want.

With this in mind, we always ask the question – how much responsibility do you want to take on during this engagement?

Depending on your answer, we’ll tailor our approach as we’re strong believers in the gradual release of responsibility methodology. Learning comes in phases – and until you’re 100% confident in your TrackVia skills, we’ll meet you where you are with the following approaches:

  • TrackVia does: we execute the project for you. This approach is often utilized for customers who lack the time, resources or know-how. We usually take this approach for partners who want help building their first app.
  • We Do: we build together. Once you’ve got the hang of TrackVia and low-code development, this is one of our most popular approaches. Stakeholders are provided individual guidance on app building, low-code design planning, or project management, as a dedicated implementation specialist will split the build with the customer.
  • You Do: you take the reins, we coach. This avenue is most commonly taken by business admins who are TrackVia experts and simply want a second pair of eyes.

If you have additional questions or simply want a quick consultation concerning your project, reach out to We’re always here to help.