#TrackSochi: Luge—Olympic Sport or Frat Party Gone Wrong?


You’ve heard the stories. Maybe you WERE the story. But sometimes when I watch the Olympics I’m inclined to ask, who came up with this and why?

Skiing? One of my favorite activities. Jumping 100+ meters on skis that more closely resemble the floor boards on my deck? Not really my thing. How does one get into that? And who was the first brave soul to go down that ramp?

And don’t even get me started on luge, let alone the skeleton event. That to me is the famous, “this seems like a good idea,” frat party gone wrong event.

At any rate, this blog series is supposed to be about numbers, so let’s get to it.

We started thinking about the variety of surfaces that events are held on. I mean, there are ice rinks, ski slopes, half pipes, luge tracks, and ski jumps just to name a few! Given the variety, we were interested in what surface is home to the most events. To make it simple we broke it down into three categories: ice, snow, and man-made oddity (go ahead and throw the ski jump in that category).

Take a look at how we categorized everything and share your thoughts. Would you #TrackSochi differently? Let us know @trackvia!