TrackVia a best place to work… really?


When initially arriving at TrackVia a couple years ago, I remember being informed of the company’s commitment to becoming one of the best places to work in Colorado. Almost every company I had previously worked for expressed the same aspirations, but none of them fully committed to this idea. So, when I originally heard this, I skeptically thought to myself, “Sure, that sounds nice… but everybody says that!”

Now that I’ve worked for TrackVia for awhile, I can honestly say not only am I a believer in this company’s commitment, I’ve lived it. Perks include a long list of benefits, effective leadership, focus on hiring great people, and being given no-hassle approval of time off for important events in my life. The experience has been life-changing and I’m not sure I could ever settle for anything less. With all of this, as an employee, devotion combined with a hard-working mentality seems to come naturally for us. Everyone here at TrackVia works incredibly hard, and makes sure to enjoy life outside of the office as well.

Everybody’s workin’ for the weekend…

So, what’s this TrackVia Passion Scholarship I hear about?

Everything up to this point has been conjecture, so let me provide some real-life examples. Obviously, there are a lot of benefits of working at TrackVia, but I’d really like to highlight one that is particularly important to me:

Employees can apply for a $500 Passion Scholarship, awarded on an annual basis, where they can spend that money on anything they are passionate about outside of work. For me, I’ve always applied and been awarded the scholarship based on my hobby of snow skiing. The $500 goes towards my ski pass every year. Many of us aren’t originally from here, but being headquartered in the beautiful state of Colorado, a lot of the folks in the office use their scholarship to cover outdoor activities such as this. When in Rome, right?

Last year, several of my co-workers and I made a trip up to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. In 2014, five fellow employees and I, originating from several different departments, made a weekend trip to Wolf Creek in anticipation of over three feet of fresh snow. Without the Passion Scholarship I’m sure we’d still ski every winter, but it wouldn’t be nearly as affordable without the company’s encouragement and commitment to being a great place to work. We had an awesome time, and we even managed to capture a little video which can be seen below.

Is TrackVia the best place to work? In my opinion, the answer to that question is a resounding, “Yes!”

Wolf Creek PowPow 3.1.14 from Ryan K on Vimeo.